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About Wills and Trusts

What is a Will Trust, what types are there and how can it help you?

Fully independent expertise
We are independent and offer advice on Trusts, Tax-planning and guidance on talking to your family. We’ll work with you to make a plan to ensure your wealth fulfils your wishes for years to come.
Your interests come first
Our philosophy is borne out of many years’ experience working in a professional practice environment. Our existing clients would confirm our ongoing commitment to this philosophy.
We are highly qualified
Continual professional development is an expectation all of our team place upon themselves regardless of how qualified they already are, not just as a requirement for qualified advisers.
Trust is core to our service
Our clients have told us that trust is absolutely essential for them, therefore we hold ourselves to this value and only ever act in our clients’ interest.
Integrity and transparency
We are committed to always explaining our fees and our regulatory obligations before any work is carried out.


  • Trusts are legal entities that enable an individual to benefit from an asset without being its owner.
  • A Will allows you to establish a testamentary trust to safeguard the property you intend to leave to your family.

How to Establish a Trust

You establish the Trust and appoint individuals to administer it - the ‘Trustee’ or ‘Fiduciary’ - on behalf of the ‘Beneficiaries’, who receive the Trust's assets.

Creating a Trust can provide you with a measure of control over assets that you would not have, if you donated them outright. There may also be tax benefits, but this should never be the primary motivation for establishing one. In certain instances, transferring assets to a Trust could result in a higher tax bill.

Before establishing a Trust, you should always consult one of our Financial Planners and a Lawyer or Solicitor. Trusts can be complex structures with significant tax implications.

Types of Trust

There are two primary types of Trusts that you may establish: a Will Trust, which is created upon your death, and a Lifetime Trust, which is established during your lifespan. Here are the pros and cons of both options.

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